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At the time the NIV2011 was released, and The Gospel Coalition collaborated to run a blogging site where translators with different approaches and views could interact on a variety of general and specific questions relevant to the NIV2011. The contents of those discussions are extremely useful and insightful. One of the advantages of this approach was that you can more easily get to grip with the issues because by necessity the content is shorter than it would be in a paper published in a theological journal, and also the interaction between those with different views is much faster and more direct than it would be through the normal academic route.

The contents of the discussions can be found at the Perspectives in Translation blog. As there is no useful index / contents page for the discussions I have made one below which you may find useful. Underneath each question is the list of scholars who responded to the question, given in order of when their responses were posted on the blog. In some cases those scholars commented several times where they interact with something said by someone else, this is also indicated:

  1. Welcome to 'Perspectives in Translation'
  2. First Question: What Makes a Translation Accurate?
    1. Tremper Longman III
    2. E. Ray Clendenen
    3. James M. Hamilton Jr.
    4. Robert Yarbrough
    5. George H. Guthrie
    6. Denny Burk
    7. Richard L. Pratt Jr.
    8. Ray Van Neste
    9. Michael Bird
  3. Second Question: How Should a Translation Render Romans 1:17?
    1. Michael Bird
    2. Robert Yarbrough
    3. Douglas J. Moo
    4. Denny Burk
  4. Third Question: Should I Use Multiple Translations or Stick with One?
    1. Robert Yarbrough
    2. Craig Blomberg
    3. E. Ray Clendenen
    4. James M. Hamilton Jr.
    5. Michael Bird
    6. T. David Gordon
  5. Fourth Question: How Do We Render Such an Important Word as 'Chesed' with No Simple Parallel in English?
    1. Summary of the Romans 1:17 discussion relevant to this question
    2. Tremper Longman III
    3. E. Ray Clendenen
  6. Fifth Question: How Should We Translate 'Pistis Christou'?
    1. Craig Blomberg
    2. Thomas R. Schreiner
    3. Michael Bird
    4. Darrell L. Bock
    5. T. David Gordon
    6. Summary: Galatians 2:16
  7. Fifth Question: How Do We Describe the Authority Paul Does Not Permit for Women 1 Tim. 2:12?
    1. Denny Burk
    2. Douglas J. Moo
    3. Reponse by Denny Burk to Douglas J. Moo
    4. Response by Craig Blomberg to Denny Burk
    5. Response by Denny Burk to Craig Blomberg
  8. Sixth Question: How Do We Best Convey 'Hilasterion' in Rom. 3:25?
    1. Michael Bird
    2. Darrell L. Bock
    3. Craig Blomberg
  9. Seventh Question: When and Why Do We Update Bible Translations?
    1. Michael Bird
    2. Douglas J. Moo
    3. Tremper Longman III
    4. E. Ray Clendenen
    5. Craig Blomberg
  10. Eighth Question: How Should We Identify the Teachers in 2 Tim. 2:2?
    1. Michael Bird
    2. Ray Van Neste
    3. Craig Blomberg
    4. Response by Denny Burk to Craig Blomberg
    5. Response by Craig Blomberg to Denny Burk
    6. Response by Denny Burk to Craig Blomberg
  11. What Difference Does It Make if We Capitalize 'Son' in Psalm 2?
    1. Tremper Longman III
    2. James M. Hamilton Jr.
  12. How Do We Decide What 'Sarx' Means?
    1. Craig Blomberg
  13. What Is the Best Way to Convey What Happens to David in 1 Kings 2:10?
    1. Tremper Longman III
    2. Douglas J. Moo
  14. What Factors Determine How We Translate 2 Cor. 5:17?
    1. Craig Blomberg
  15. What Do We Know About 'Harpagmos. in Phil. 2:6?
    1. Craig Blomberg
  16. Five Most Intriguing Changes in the Updated NIV

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